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Just talking with them about my concerns was so valuable for my husband and I. We are looking forward to our free home inspection and implementing some of the proposed solutions they can provide. We are excited to see the savings on our utility cost as well. Thank you Better Home Eco for making such a great first impression on me and my hubby!


I could not be happier with the KoolMaxx that was added to my AC unit. The air being blown into my house is coming out the AC unit cooler and helps to prevent the unit from running as much as it was, prior to the KoolMaxx infusion. Great product and definitely worth the investment.


My wife and i have notice we are no longer waking up congested and coughing. It´s been a gradual change, but it´s awesome.

We used Better Home Eco to install a new solar attic fan, and mli in our attic. They were clean, professional, and efficient!

Sheryl Couch